Managed Volatility vs Hedge Funds

Over the past 15+ years, both managed volatility and long-short equity hedge funds have provided investors with lower volatility and smaller drawdowns than the cap-weighted benchmark.

Perspectives - EM Equities

From April through August, emerging stocks outperformed, returning 8.6% versus 5.7% for MSCI World. The question now is whether emerging equities still warrant investor attention, or has the opportunity passed?

Diversified Alpha Manager Letter

In this update we will put look at the performance of our Diversified Alpha strategy from a historical perspective, provide some guidance to long-term performance expectations, and highlight some important events that took place in the six months since inception.

Pakistan Reclassification to EM

MSCI announced on June 14 that it will be moving Pakistan from its Frontier Markets Index to Emerging Markets, to take effect in May 2017 during MSCI’s Semi-Annual Index Review.

2016 GICS Changes

In November 2014, MSCI and S&P Dow Jones announced the creation of a new real estate sector within the Global Industry Classification System (GICS).