Acadian Crash Risk

Evaluating and managing crash risk is one of the most difficult tasks facing investors.

Acadian Culture

Acadian's culture is unique. We leverage our breadth of knowledge and experience to create a collegial environment that fosters ingenuity and discipline through transparency and collaboration, which we see as key to innovation.

Acadian Clients Overview

A broad array of investors are included among Acadian's diverse client base, and exemplify our ability to design and structure investment strategies to meet the unique and diverse needs of all investor types.

Acadian Transparency

Transparency is a core tenet of Acadian's culture, and is a key component in building deep and long-lasting client relationships.

Acadian Product Development

Rather than pushing products to the marketplace, Acadian takes a collaborative approach with clients to listen to their needs, and provide solutions custom tailored to meet those needs.

Acadian Research Overview

Acadian believes in a diversified and scientific approach to innovation, and pursues a wide range of ideas in the effort to uncover, refine, and adopt enhancements to our investment process.

Acadian Philosophy Overview

Acadian believes that markets are inefficient, and that such inefficiencies are caused in part by systematic mistakes in investor behavior, as well as structural features of markets.

Acadian Team Overview

Not unlike Acadian's belief in the value of broad diversification of investment portfolios, we also highly value the diversity of backgrounds and experience among the individuals on our investment team.


At the core of Acadian is a belief that the best way to capture alpha in global equity markets is through the application of fundamental principles in an objective, systematic approach across a broad universe of stocks, according to Chief Investment Officer John Chisholm.


Ross Dowd, Global Head of Marketing and Client Service, explains how all clients are valued by Acadian as thought leaders. 


Wes Chan, Director of Stock Selection Research, provides an overview of the innovative, collaborative research process that draws on the rich diversity of backgrounds, and the extensive data and technology at Acadian to continually search for ways to better serve our clients.


In 1986, Acadian was launched with the vision that global diversification in equity investing has the potential to provide higher returns and lower risk. 


John Chisholm, Acadian's Chief Investment Officer, describes the multi-disciplinary makeup of our investment team, and the value inherent in such cognitive diversity. 


Chief Investment Officer John Chisholm, explains Acadian's objective, disciplined and systematic process that is designed to exploit mispricings across global equity markets.


Acadian CEO Churchill Franklin welcomes you to Acadian's new website.