People Come Here to Stay

Jane Johnson

Associate Vice President, Assistant Manager, Client Reporting

In 2005, I was the first person hired into what was then the newly formed client reporting group. I have now been through two platform upgrades to automate and customize our reporting – we have come a long way. 

There were under fifty people at Acadian when I started and now there are over 300. We have ten people on the reporting team now. 

It is a great team atmosphere. It is casual and collegial – we stand up and chat – there is no closed door or email. In my group we cover for each other, support each other’s work/life balance. 

The flexibility has made me a better contributor. And it reflects the whole company culture. There is an effort to stay small in feel. 

I think people come here to stay. It is a place to build a career. Acadian wants to keep talented people. They don’t want you to have to leave to find your long-term career path. 

My dedication is not just about meeting deadlines, but seeing the whole picture. Clients sometimes seem surprised at the level of customized reporting we offer. We work closely with our clients in an effort to meet their individual reporting needs.